What can I expect when visiting Trinity Lutheran Church?

You will find a multi-generational gathering of God’s people experiencing His Word. There is no dress code or expectation other than an opportunity to hear and grow through the Word of God, presented in the structure of the Divine Service.

Are children welcome?

Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.”  We take these words seriously at Trinity Lutheran Church and provide safe and meaningful opportunities for kids to learn and grow. Children of all ages are valued as much as adults and we thank God for them in our church. You can expect that your children will be welcome to join us during every Divine Service! 

What is the Divine Service?

The Divine Service is a simple, clear, and ancient liturgy that Christians have used to worship God for centuries. We worship this way because it is one of the best ever found in the church’s history to receive God’s gracious gifts of Word and Sacrament. 

We could organize things in other ways, but the liturgy keeps us on track: God’s Word and God’s Body and Blood stay at the center – where they belong. 

The whole Divine Service is built on the Bible. If you look in the book we use for worship, the Lutheran Service Book, you will find each part of the Service has one or more Bible passages that explain where that part comes from – why we are confessing our sins or why the pastor is singing or what Baptism is.

If you take all those parts, you can divide the Service into two major parts called, first, the Service of the Word, where the Bible is read and preached, and the Service of the Sacrament, where Holy Communion is celebrated and received.

Vestments and Paraments

The different pieces of furniture will be covered in the colors of the respective day or season, and the minister will be wearing a white robe (called an "alb"), so that the whole focus for that day is on Christ and His Word, not on how nice the minister’s suit looks.